Try inverting an image. It can often create an interesting effect. The best images to invert are those that do not look 'noticeably' negative after they have been inverted. The example below shows an image of some wood taken at an abstract angle, by simply inverting, rotating and cropping the image a new image is created which has an interesting water ripple effect...

Woodimage - Before....

Woodimage - After...


A simple effect that can create some effective results is 'colorize'. Colorizing can change the mood of an image by making it feel colder (blue) or warmer (red). Images can be changed to match the colour scheme of the website/publication you are creating. The example below shows an image of coloured paperclips, after colorizing with an orange hue, an orange box and some type were added. The result is an eye catching postcard advertisement for this website....

Paperclips - Before....

Paperclips - After...

[ N.B. The quality of the images on this page has been reduced to improve loading time]



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