'Some of the many uses people put our free images to...'

Freeimages are not just for dropping in your newsletters or websites, they can be used as part of creative artistic projects, ideal for Photoshop collages - the possibilities for using freeimages are boundless, combined with your personal images and manipulated - the originals can become almost unrecognisable from their original state and blended beautifully to form a unique artistic statements.

Our images have been used in some fiendish puzzles from whatcouldit.be

The image below was created by Thomas Derdeyn thomasderdeyn@hotmail.com;using one of the images from the festive>light gallery (whitelights2858.jpg) and a number of his own materials to create this image. Click for a larger view...

collagjag.jpg (220383 bytes)
[please click this image to view it full size... the above preview is highly compressed]


A Blast from the Past - We'll let you make your own mind up about this image used on a known search site; The 'green house' image can be found in our sports/games gallery, and tools for shifting hue can be found in most image-processing software.

Original FreeImage >


   Click To Enlarge> altavistahouse.gif (20747 bytes)


medilink1.jpg (117820 bytes) medilink2.jpg (105081 bytes)

Medilink information sheets
[please click this image to view it full size... the images have been compressed]

These images were sent in by Mark, He had the following comments...

"We use (and recognise) your images often in our monthly newsletters and sometimes on our web site (when I work on it). Last Christmas (2001) I made a header image for our 3 x A4 fold out newsletter special. Due to your high res images, I was able to mix the images together at print res and I made the header image wrap around on the edges. So across the 3 page spread the header was continuous. Everyone thought it worked well in the sales team and I knew it was really thanks to your images."

christmas_header_small.jpg (153544 bytes)

[Click above for larger view]


lottosyndicates.jpg (15411 bytes)

This image is taken from the website of the band 'disko-13'. The site was created with some images from technology>audio gallery along with images from other websites and the bands logo.


These images were created for the website aware.tk,
These images were taken from the 'workplace > tools' gallery, the colours have been adjusted to match the rest of the site design
[They were originally full screen doorway images, click to view enlarged version]


This card was created using one of the images from the Light gallery + 7 other images from different srouces.
[click to view enlarged version]

cardfront.jpg (142793 bytes)

Website created using images from various sources including freeimages (mostly images of buildings and a yellow cab) click to see larger version, page image reduced in quality to improve download speed

success.jpg (65646 bytes)



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